Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant

April 10, 2016 Silvana Pure

What goes onto our body, also goes into our body!

We all know that after we eat, our food is digested and nutrients are absorbed into our bloodstream by our stomach and the small intestines. The blood then delivers nutrients to cells to promote their healthy function. Impurities that we consume as food also end up in the bloodstream but are eventually filtered out by our liver. Similarly, the products that we use on our skin, scalp, and our lips absorb into our very porous skin entering our bloodstream. Many of the ingredients in the products we use topically share the same fate as our digested food, they circulate throughout our bodies in the bloodstream eventually making their way to the liver where they are removed. However, some of the molecules moving in our bloodstream will attach to the surface of our cells and quickly incorporating themselves into our tissues.

Heavy build-up of toxic substances in our tissues have been connected with impaired cellular functioning, pre-mature aging, and some have even been connected with certain types of cancers as we have seen with the controversial beauty product additives and parabens even found in most antiperspirants. These substances find their way into our tissues. For example the pesticides covering our fruits and veggies and the vast array of chemical ingredients in the products we use on our skin, hair, and lips. Those compounds can be found in nearly every cell of our bodies. It is so important for us to be diligent about the types of substances we allow into our internal world but also our external world - our skin. An old saying: “You are what you eat “adding“ you are what you eat, and apply to your skin, hair, and lips.”

All Natural Deodorant Aluminum-Free by Silvanapure