Lavender Oil in Skincare

September 21, 2016 Silvana Pure

The Lavender Effect: How Lavender Keeps the Skin Happy

 Lavender has long been used over the years for its pleasant sweet fragrance. Its aroma instantly infuses a relaxing vibe to a warm bath or even to an entire room. Today, lavender has proven another use — a promising organic and therapeutic skincare solution. Who would have thought this sweet-smelling plant can become an essential ingredient to body oils and other skincare products?

 If you have never been illuminated to the wonders that lavender can bring to the skin, now’s the time to be amazed.

 Lavender can detoxify the skin.  

The skin, being the body’s first defence, can be exposed to a lot of harmful environmental factors and skin pollutants each day. This can significantly deteriorate the skin’s health if it is taken for granted. But lavender has that ability to keep the growth of bacteria in the skin at a minimum. In fact, it contains powerful antioxidants that effectively protect the skin from harmful pollutants. This makes a lavender deodorant stick the product to try today, as it keeps the underarms fresh and germ-free all day.

 Lavender reduces redness and inflammation.

 It’s no new knowledge that lavender oil has very effective soothing properties, but did you know that it can also help reduce inflammation and redness in the skin? This makes lavender as a helpful treatment to skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and even burns. The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender make it an effective solution to your acne troubles too, as acne is a form of skin inflammation that may be triggered by skin irritants and stress. Good thing lavender has stress-relieving properties that make a lavender deodorant organic and refreshing despite a hectic day.

 Lavender has cleansing properties.

 According to a new research, lavender can be a great antifungal and antibacterial agent. While it may not be the most potent ingredient out there when it comes to cleansing the skin, it can be used as a supporting element to a product, improving its odor and cleansing power. The underarms can also make use of some organic chemical free deodorant to keep them odor- and bacteria-free with the help of lavender.

 Lavender helps treat wounds and damaged skin.

 Lavender can be a normalizing agent to wounds and injured skin as it helps in stimulating the growth and regeneration of new cells. What’s more awesome is that the skin rapidly absorbs lavender oil, which hastens its beneficial effects to the skin. Not only does lavender improve the quality of the skin, it also helps the skin heal and restore its integrity.

 Lavender helps treat dandruff.

 Nobody wants to see white specks on their shoulders every time they flip their hair. Having dandruff can be a major turn-off for men and women, but lavender can help in getting rid of dandruff and dry, itchy scalp. There are shampoos and oils that are infused with lavender that consumers may use in massaging their scalp and eliminating dandruff once and for all. The scalp is also part of the skin, and it is no exception to the skincare wonders that lavender possesses. Here’s an additional trivia: Lavender, being a valuable antiseptic, can help relieve the scalp of nits, lice, and lice eggs. How’s that for a super skincare ingredient?

Lavender is not just your average sweet-scented plant indeed — it offers so much more! It’s not just another aroma you put in your bath; it can also be used to pamper your skin, keeping it soft, refreshed, and in tiptop condition. The next time you shop for skincare products, find ones that are botanical and organic yet significantly beneficial, such as those infused with lavender. Your skin will thank you for it!