Social Disconnect ---Many of us are so concerned what we eat or put onto our skin, but what about our mental health? (Part 1)

April 12, 2017 Silvana Pure

Have you ever lost track of time while scrolling through social media feeds? Have you seen people so focused on their electronic devices even when they have friends or family sitting right next to them? Have you noticed yourself becoming more and more isolated and disconnected from the real world due to your social media and electronic behaviors? If your answer is yes, you have many reasons to be alarmed.

 Social media is exciting, attractive and makes each individual feel more important which many of us crave for. It's the virtual representation of the social interactions that we need, but it's never the same. Electronic behaviors provide users with opportunities to escape from the stresses of day-to-day life and most of the time, they are misused and/or overused.

 Although it's true that social media helps people to stay connected with each other without much effort, being too proactive on those channels and compensating with better things in life seem to be the biggest concern. At the end of the day, having a chat with someone on social media or commenting on one of their posts isn't the same thing as having a good 10 minute conversation with them.

 People go out of their way to impress a whole bunch of people that they rarely interact with in real life. Meanwhile, they neglect their true, close friends, family and activities that make them happy and healthy.

There are people who won't start enjoying a meal without posting a photo of it on to social media or who wouldn't enjoy a spectacular view or an amazing sporting moment without sharing a selfie. There are way more people filming a concert or a game with their mobile phones than being in the moment and enjoying it with their own eyes. There are individuals who can't help looking at their phone while they're having an important conversation or even on a date. That's how much social media and electronic behaviors have reeled people in and disconnected them from the more important and satisfying things in life.

 With social media becoming a big part of our lives, we are starting to forget true values and joy in life. Instead, everything seem to be measured by the number of likes, followers, shares, etc. Many social media users sacrifice a lot out of their lives in order to receive better responses on social media trying to impress a large circle of people who rarely care about them. They are becoming more and more disconnected from the reality and distancing themselves from their friends and family in the pursuit of much short-lived 'Social Media Happiness'.

To be continued ...