All Natural Deodorant by Silvanapure

The Healthy Deodorant ...

Silvanapure's All Natural Deodorant was founded in January 2014 with the sole aim of providing consumers around the world with healthy alternative skin care made only from organic and natural  compounds. In addition, our response is driven by the need to provide all-natural organic skin-care products for both women and men. We are driven by the belief that “what’s inside is all that counts” especially when it comes to consumer products such as natural deodorants.

Our natural products are crafted from pure innovation, creativity, and more so from concerns over the wellbeing of our consumers. Our natural deodorants are developed with an aim of providing individuals of all walks of life with an effective option for natural products. We ensure that our products are made using organic and natural compounds with no artificial ingredients such as coloring, fragrance and preservatives.

We take pride in the way we make and differentiate our products from other commercially oriented products in the market. Ours is an ethical means of ensuring that utmost care for the consumers is observed while also focusing on reducing the effects of pollution associated with commercial antiperspirants and other skin care products.

Our organization is equally serious on the importance of ensuring that we adopt effective scientific strategies for quality, healthy products while retaining our belief towards the importance of social responsibility and sustainability. This has driven us towards developing new products that move away from harmful inorganic chemicals that may have varied effects on a consumer’s health and wellbeing.


Our products do not use any artificial colors that may alter the appearances. 


We ensure that all our products do not use synthetic fragrances and flavors, but only use a natural blend of fruits, flowers, and herbs to deliver exceptional product quality.


We only use natural preservatives, which work more effectively than the synthetic preservatives used in commercial antiperspirants. 

Our products are made with the highest quality organic and food-grade ingredients and do not contain questionable additives such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens or harsh and harmful chemicals, petroleum, or aluminum compounds that are frequently found in commercial items.

Animal Testing and Ingredients

Our organization focuses on providing support to non-animal testing models. This is founded on the belief of not using any animal ingredients to deliver effective and quality products.


We draw our inspiration from the inherent need to change the way people and society think about skin care and antiperspirants. This has informed our strategy in terms of developing exceptional healthy, luxurious, quality and cost effective products. We have been able to raise the ethical standards and are hoping to revolutionize around the world, by assuming a natural approach, providing luxurious products, health conscious products, captivating natural fragrances, and unmatched experiences. We help our consumers to gain differentiation and confidence from the rest by providing them with a natural feel and products that are less irritant as compared to synthetic products. 

Our mission statement is simple : "We believe that we should take care of our bodies, and in turn, our bodies will take care of us."

Stay ahead of the rest by being a trendsetter.

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