Our Story

"If you wouldn't eat it, why would you put it onto your skin?" 

Hi, my name is Silvana. I am the founder of Silvanapure, an all natural and organic line of deodorants. I was born and raised in Communist East Germany. However, my journey led me to the United States. I found myself in sunny San Diego, California excited to start a new life but not much time went by and I fell severely ill. It was such an unnerving and uncertain period in my life not knowing will I live.

This illness truly opened my eyes and changed my personal philosophies about food and skin care. It was time to lead an all natural and organic lifestyle focused on only true health.

I want to share this "new way" of living with you. I believe we can change the way we treat ourselves. I so love to be active, spend time with family and care for others tremendously. Silvanapure is a way I can share my passion with --- Pure Natural Skin Care.

Did you know that it takes less than a minute for a substance applied to your skin to filter all the way to your liver?

Yes, your skin is thirsty and it is permeable. So imagine your liver trying to keep up with all that you put onto your skin and still perform its vital job of filtering your blood. So, over time, you can imagine the issues that could arise if your liver is constantly working in overdrive to filter out all the harmful chemicals you put onto your body.  

I really needed to find a solution, find a better way if you will. For about a decade or so I experimented and researched different deodorant products keeping in mind that our skin is absorbent and natural products for your skin are just as important as natural organic or shall I say real food. As I stood in the deodorant aisle, reading label after label, I had to ask myself “If you wouldn’t eat it, then why would you put it onto your skin?”

That experience developed into a newfound respect for my skin. No longer do I see my skin as a barrier protection between my body and the environment. I realize how important it is to truly take care of your skin by being mindful of what you apply to it. Through my extensive research I have gained a wealth of knowledge about harmful chemicals and how our bodies function. Our skin is an organ, a physical structure that is designed to exchange between our internal body and our external world.

I now have a clear understanding that the products I was using on my skin also became part of my body in much the same way that food becomes part of your body. Food and skin care products can be either harmful or beneficial to our bodies.

After eating, our food is digested while nutrients are absorbed into our bloodstream by our stomachs and small intestines. Then, the blood delivers nutrients to cells to promote healthy cell function. In essence, we are feeding our cells. Impurities, such as harmful chemicals, we consume also end up in the bloodstream. These impurities are eventually filtered out by our liver and this goes back to how hard our liver has to work to purify what we put into our bodies. Similarly, the products we use on our porous skin are absorbed and enter the bloodstream ultimately.

Now, imagine the products you are using. Many ingredients in these products that we use topically share the same fate as our digested food. The chemicals circulate throughout our bodies in the bloodstream and they make their way to the liver. The liver again works to remove those toxins. Unfortunately, some of the molecules moving in our bloodstream do not make it to the liver to be released. Instead, they attach to the surface of our cells and quickly hang onto our tissue, which leads to unhealthy buildup of toxins our liver cannot purify.

Heavy build up of toxic substances within our tissues can cause many health related issues including pre-mature aging and impaired cellular functioning. Some toxins have even been connected with certain forms of cancer as we have seen in the past with the controversial beauty product additive - parabens.

For example, think about pesticides. The pesticides, which contain a vast array of chemicals, are covering our fruits and vegetables. These same chemicals are often in products we use on our skin everyday. Therefore, these chemicals can now be found in nearly every cell of our bodies. This is where Silvanapure comes in.

It is so important for all of us to be diligent about the types of products and substances we are allowing into our internal world. It is our job to protect our bodies and keep them healthy and whole. Silvanapure would love to help you with that. My passion is to help you make better decisions by having a product that is not harmful to your skin so you can feel comfortable using these products every day. All of our deodorant products contain the finest natural and organic ingredients in the market today, serving customers all over the world. Our products are Aluminum Free, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free. In addition Silvanapure deodorants are free of parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, silicone, synthetic dyes, sulfates, mineral oils and propylene glycol. Yes, our products are that Pure and Natural.

You can ease your mind while using Silvanapure products knowing you are using the absolute best product on your skin with absolute the highest grade natural and organic ingredients.

Our mission with our healthy deodorant is to expand the old saying: “You are what you eat” right into “You are what you eat and apply to your skin!”

I am forever grateful for what I am allowed to do in this world and for all of you allowing us to provide you healthy, natural skin care.

Thank you for choosing and supporting Silvanapure Natural Deodorant - we couldn't do it without you!